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FAQ – frequently asked Questions

General information

General information

Could you send me a catalogue with a price list?

Since we develop individual packaging for every inquiry, there are no price lists. We will be happy to make you an offer based on your needs and contact you to clarify all details.

Where do you manufacture?

We manufacture all packaging and displays directly on site in Villmar-Aumenau, approx. 75 km north-west of Frankfurt a. M. and near Limburg a. d. Lahn.

How long does it take to manufacture my packaging?

We are able to deliver within 48 hours. For many products, we can start production on the same day as your inquiry and, if necessary, ship on the same day. Partial and urgent deliveries are possible.

What materials do you process?

We mainly work with single-, double- and triple-flute corrugated board with different weight. We also process various foams, honeycomb board, twin-wall sheets and solid board.

Do I receive my packaging already assembled?

On request, the entire assembling process up to dispatch can take place in our house.

Why is corrugated cardboard packaging useful?

Corrugated board is very sturdy and stable. Especially in the case of packaged goods for storage, shipping and transport, its advantages are fully exploited by its pure volume alone: high stability and safety with a comparatively low dead weight. It can be printed very well and offers a wide range of design options. Also the aspect of sustainability is added: If the packaging or display is no longer needed, it can simply be returned to the recycling cycle via the waste paper.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, as a manufacturer in the field of digital corrugated cardboard processing, we manufacture individually and even in small quantities from 1 piece.

What are the freight costs?

The freight costs depend on the order quantity and place of delivery.

Could I also order as a private person?

Yes, that’s possible.



Displays / Promotional packages

I need a display for a sales promotion at the POS. Does a display made of corrugated cardboard make sense?

There are several reasons in favour of corrugated board as the raw material for a display: Corrugated board is stable and can carry even heavy products effortlessly. Corrugated board is versatile and flexible in its design, as it can take on almost any shape and be printed according to your own ideas. A display made of this material can be used anywhere – as a cube, large display or smaller counter display. On delivery, the display can be folded flat to save shipping costs and storage capacity. Another point in favour of a display made of corrugated board is the cost issue. In production, displays made of other materials such as wood or aluminium are significantly more expensive than those made of corrugated board. And: at the end of the campaign, the display can simply be disposed of in the waste paper and added back to the recycling cycle.

In which sizes and number of copies can I order displays from you?

We manufacture both small counter displays and large displays for the sale of your products at the POS – and all sizes in between. Small runs – starting from 1 piece – are produced without tool costs on our high-speed plotter, larger runs on our die-cutting machines. This enables us to produce up to several thousand pieces.

Do you also manufacture special models or displays, e.g. for promotional purposes?

Yes, we can manufacture almost any construction in a modular or coherent design. The individual parts are assembled manually and equipped with special components as required. Thereby there are no tooling costs.



Product packaging

I am not satisfied with standard solutions, but tooling costs for my own packaging are out of the question for me – what other possibilities are there?

Packaging ideas that are already in our portfolio can be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of your products – small quantities do not incur any tooling costs because they are manufactured on high-speed plotters. You are looking for an individual packaging in small quantities? Or do you need an eye-catcher for a promotion? In our in-house packaging development department, we produce small packaging, custom-made gift boxes, product packaging of various sizes and even large and unique showpieces for you. After you have provided us with the data, your products can optionally be refined by digital, screen, offset or flexographic printing or by attaching special components (e.g. metal corners, ring mechanisms, handles, pen holders …).

Do you offer bottle packaging that is individually customized to fit my product?

Yes, because we know – like you do – that it is important to set yourself apart in today’s marketplace and that not only the quality of the product must be convincing, but also its presentation. That’s why it is essential, especially for small production quantities, to attract attention with personal packaging. We therefore treat every customer request individually and develop the right solution for you and your product – precisely to the millimetre.

I would like to put together a gift box with different products for my customers. Do you also produce such packaging?

Gift packaging for a combination of different products is made to measure. There are numerous possible combinations: be it a bottle with glasses or with glass and chocolates, be it a combination of different bottle sizes and glasses – there are no limits to your imagination. The inlays for the boxes are custom-made from corrugated cardboard so that nothing slips. Of course, foam inlays are also possible.

I am looking for a packaging for my spirits with a printed image. Is that possible with you?

We also produce packaging with printing. For this purpose, we require a print template from you, which can be realised in digital, screen, flexo or offset printing on corrugated or solid board, depending on the print run.

Is it possible to manufacture inlays for an already existing packaging?

Yes, we need the internal dimensions of the existing packaging as well as the dimensions and weight of the product to be filled. Preferably, you could provide us with a sample.

May I receive a sample of the packaging before I order?

Yes, please bear in mind that depending on the development effort, you will be charged for the costs incurred. If an order is placed, the sample costs will be partially credited to your account. Release samples are usually free of charge.



Shipping and transport packaging

I need a special packaging to ship my product – how can this be realized?

Initially, we talk to our in-house developers about the requirements you place on your special packaging. Once these have been clarified, the packaging is developed, and a sample is produced on request. In this way you can try out the packaging on the product. If you are satisfied with the result, the desired quantity is produced, and the sample costs are credited to the order.

For a particularly sensitive product I would like a cardboard box with foam inlay. Can you also manufacture it?

Yes, because in addition to corrugated board, we also process ESD material and different types of foam. As a manufactory, we still produce many things manually, which gives us the flexibility to intervene in the production process at any time to carry out special work steps that would be too expensive or not feasible by machine.

Standard shipping cartons are not suitable for my products. What alternatives can you offer me?

For the safe shipping of your products – no matter if components for automotive, lamps, bottles or Infinity roses etc. – we are happy to manufacture individual packaging for you, which bring your products safely to the customer. First, we clarify in a personal conversation with you exactly what should be shipped and what your expectations are of the finished packaging. This is important for the material selection: What corrugated board thickness is required for the outer carton? Is the product secured with a corrugated board or foam insert?