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Technology & Service


Depending on the volume of the batch, we manufacture your packaging solution either with the aid of a high-speed plotter or on a die-cutting machine. We can produce up to the following formats:

• Plotter production without tool costs
o 1,800 x 3,200 mm
o 1,800 x 2,460 mm

• Production with die-cutting machines
o 800 x 1,200 mm
o 1,150 x 1,800 mm

The packaging solutions are designed and planned at CAD terminals, which enable us to produce almost any construction in a modular or coherent form – from the smallest batch to several thousand pieces. We can also take over and process existing packaging schemes if they are available in CF2, DXF or PDF format.

Manual work: As a manufactory, we can flexibly carry out special work steps at any time – such as gluing, stapling or attaching special components – which would be too expensive or not feasible by machine.

Assembling: On request, we will assemble for you and ship directly to the recipient.

3D technology: From a certain development scope we offer you the possibility of obtaining a sample of your packaging solution as a 3D model.

Benefits overview:

• Solution-oriented action with the use of necessary handwork
• Cost-oriented calculation – only when the use of a tool pays off, the packaging or displays are produced on the die-cutting machines.
• Packaging development
• Release samples upon request