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Transport / System


Safe and stable packaging is the basic necessity when it comes to storage and transport. For packaging, shipping in particular means withstanding major physical stresses such as pressure and impact. At the same time, the internal product must be protected from damage or – in the worst case – destruction.

Because of its pure volume, packaging made of corrugated board allows to show off its full advantages here: high stability and safety with a comparatively low dead weight. Furthermore, corrugated board can be printed very well and offers a wide range of design options.

In addition, there is the increasingly important aspect of sustainability: corrugated board packaging is a closed-loop product – made from renewable raw materials and recycled material, the purely plant-based basis of corrugated board ensures problem-free disposal into waste paper, which in turn forms the basis for new corrugated board.

Benefits overview:

  • Sturdy packaging for transport and storage
  • Safe shipping even for sensitive products
  • Special packaging
  • Cartons with foam inlay
  • Refinement by printing possible
  • Small quantities possible
  • Development of prototypes and pre-production series
  • No tooling costs for small quantities
  • Good sustainability of the raw material corrugated board